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Our online micro-credit lending platform has been in operation for two years.
Thousands of social investors have lent money for microfinance in this period, and their "interest" is the wonderful feeling of having helped many needy people, mostly women, in Latin America.
Each micro-credit supports not only the actual borrower, but usually an entire family, providing a regular income for food, housing and the schooling of children.
For more information, see the menu item Funded Projects.
Thanks to all the social investors who have made this possible.

The really wonderful thing is that all the projects funded so far are running successfully and there has not been a single default - just a few late repayments.

We are happy that we have succeeded, with your help, in getting the first and only German-language micro-credit online platform for so-called peer-to-peer lending (ie loans from private persons to private persons) up and running. Encouraged by this success and your support we are now about to take the next steps toward growth and innovation.

In the future we will focus even more on micro-credit projects that are breaking new ground. The areas of nutrition, energy and ecology fascinate us most here. Mushroom cultivation, greenhouses, terra preta, alternative energy production in mini-format, all these are key words for the new projects we want to promote with micro-finance and training support.

In addition, an expansion of our activities in other countries of Latin America and Africa is planned.

The online platform itself will be extended: investors can then view their own project portfolio with all the allocated micro credits and much more.

To enable us to grow further and involve other organizations and major supporters of MyMicroCredit, we are planning to found a non-profit company. In the meantime there will be no new projects on our website. In 2012, the new CHARITABLE ASSOCIATION MyMicroCredit will be founded, after which many new, innovative projects will be online.We are already looking forward to your granting micro-credits again, thereby supporting people in pioneering independence.


Who we are is a non-profit-organization located in Austria.
The vision is to reduce poverty in developing latin and central American countries.

  Wer wir sind  

Our Concept

In the final version of social investors will be able to give out loans directly to poor needy people in developing countries. shall develop to a transparent platform to aim at the matching of borrowers from poor countries with social investors.

  Unser Konzept