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The story of an idea
The two Austrian guys Karl Rabeder and Wolfgang Maurer got to know each other during a trip in the caucasion region / Armenia, in Fall 2007, and discovered their sharing passion for social engagement. While Karl was supporting various orphan homes projects in Latin and central America for many years, Wolfgang’s dream was to offer sustainable development for poor people during his multiple  trips in Latin America. Especially due to his professional work in the area of Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador he got to know the various barreers under social and economical aspects, making it impossible for many people to reach a social rise.

It is the clear idea of Wolfgang and Karl to give a  fair chance to those  people by putting at disposal financial means  and offering  entrepreneurship training and education. Thus, they are able to develop according to their skills and  personal potential. In December 2008, in occasion of a long-distance-call between Austria and Honduras both of them decided to push the foundation of a microfinance institution. Wolfgang will support the project as a free consultant, for Karl , however, it has become the vital task of his life.
  Geschichte der Idee